Colony Cycle of Ceratina calcarata



Colony cycle of Ceratina calcarata. Five time points assayed for comparative transcriptomic analyses: 1 – spring mothers, 2 – summer mothers, 3 – autumn mothers, 4 – autumn dwarf eldest daughters, and 5 – autumn regular daughters.

Rehan SM, Berens AJ, Toth AL, 2014. At the brink of eusociality: transcriptomic correlates of worker behaviour in a carpenter bee. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 14: 260

Amino Acid Balancing

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Hendriksma, Harmen P., Karmi L. Oxman, Sharoni Shafir. 2014. Amino acid and carbohydrate tradeoffs by honey bee nectar foragers and their implications for plant-pollinator interactions. Journal of Insect Physiology. 69:56-64